October 4, 2010

A “Beyond Baseball” Activity


Baseball has always been Ben’s sport. Yes, he’s played basketball for numerous years, too. But from late spring through mid-summer, and sometimes even into the fall, I keep my bag packed for baseball. It’s stocked with hats and gloves, hand warmers and sunscreen, snacks, and everything else a mom might need while watching a game, whatever the weather might be.

But this fall the bag is getting some double usage. For the first time ever, Ben is playing football. This wasn’t something I’d expected. In fact, it happened rather suddenly. Less than two weeks before the season started I got a text from Ben saying,” I think I want to play football.” My first thought was, “Huh? Where did that idea come from?”  My next was, “But we’re leaving on vacation in 5 days. He’ll miss the first week of practice.” And then, after that, “Starting football as a senior?? Will he get any playing time?”    


Well, we’re halfway through the season now, and Ben is loving football! He’s getting lots of playing time on both offense and defense, and with just four games under his belt, he already has over a dozen receptions! Friday night he scored his first touchdown!


Ben’s 2-week old nephew, Gideon, and his parents, Lani and Michael, were all there to witness the excitement. Great job, Ben!

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