October 5, 2010

Birthday Parties!


Joe and I both come from large families. There are 6 kids in his family and 5 in mine. Add in spouses, kids, and grandkids, and the family just keeps getting bigger all of the time! As a consequence, each page on our calendar has about 5 extended family members’ birthdays highlighted. So many that it’s no longer possible for us to celebrate them all. So it was a treat to be able to celebrate 2 of them last weekend!

But first, we had a half birthday to celebrate! Now, celebrating half birthdays has been a tradition in the Joe Wilson family since the beginning of our marriage. It started with my sympathy for the timing of Joe’s real birthday. (Because, really, who can take an April Fool’s Day birthday seriously?) But what began as a day dedicated to making up for such nasty things done to Joe on his birthdays during his growing up years as cakes frosted with shaving cream and gifts of sardines, evolved into a fun tradition for all 6 of us. Each half birthday celebration includes a cake, a special dinner chosen by the person whose special day it is, and one gift.

IMG_9715 IMG_9727

Joe, the original “half birthday” boy, was the guest of honor this time. Lani, Michael, and Gideon came up to help Ben and Joe and me celebrate.

IMG_9726 IMG_9721

No, Gideon did not get his first taste of cake and ice cream that night. Although, I think Lani was a bit worried for a moment!

IMG_9720 IMG_9722

Being newer to the family, Michael just doesn’t seem to take half birthdays quite serious enough yet.

So, on to the real, but not necessarily more important, birthday parties of the weekend. The Young family has always been big on birthday celebrations. Years ago, we tried to celebrate them all. But it didn’t take long for us to realize that some birthdays had to be grouped together. Like Bob’s, George’s, and Mom’s, for example. (Oct. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd)
This combined celebration used to be a tradition, and it was fun to revive it again for Bob and George. It was also the event at which 2 new members of the family were introduced: Our grandson, Gideon Michael Hertzog and his 2nd cousin, Katelyn Marie Myron.

IMG_9742   IMG_9784

The birthday boys, Bob and George


Shauna and Lani with their new babies


Katelyn and Gideon. Katelyn was born 4 days after Gideon

A few other favorite shots:


Jill holding Katelyn and Donna with Gideon

IMG_9788 IMG_9745

Hailey                                             Gideon


First cousins, Brian and Ben


All of us siblings together: Jill, Bob, Dave, Donna, and me

A fun day!!

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