October 16, 2010

My Friday


Friday was special because I got to see my husband, all four of my kids, and both of my grandchildren! Only two things could have made it better: spending more time with each of them, and seeing my sons-in-law, as well.

On babysitting days, like it was on Friday, I meet Kelsie and Isla in Everett. Otherwise, I’d have to leave my house at 4:30 AM in order for Kelsie to get to work on time. Even as it is, we meet at the hospital at 6:30. Isla is in her pajamas and not quite ready to start the day yet.


She generally falls asleep before we reach her Kirkland townhouse. But on Friday, she didn’t. I like to think it was because she was excited to see me. After all, she’d been on vacation and hadn’t seen me for several weeks. But at any rate, she seemed happy to show me her newest trick soon after we arrived. What’s her latest trick? She can walk now! I tried to get pictures, but it wasn’t until later in the day that I was able to get a good one.


Breakfast time! I think this was actually taken during Isla’s second breakfast, as she got sleepy during the first one and had to go back to bed!  It seems she’s not only sleeping through the night now, but actually sleeping in! And 6 AM is just a little too early to get up to go meet Grandma!


Later on…dressed for the day and ready to play.

Just before lunchtime, Lani and Gideon came over for a visit. I’d had to cancel a visit with them the week before, and 2 weeks is way too long to go without seeing my new grandson! I was more than ready for some cuddle time! Isla was taking her morning nap when they arrived, so I had a few uninterrupted minutes. And time to get some pictures of Gideon and his mom, too.


Gideon was just one day short of being 4 weeks old.


Ah….so sweet!

After Isla woke up, the three of us enjoyed a wonderful lunch of Kelsie’s gourmet leftovers: French onion soup for the grown-ups and pasta for Isla.


Isla loves Gideon, but she has to be watched carefully!

After lunch, we packed up the kids and headed a few miles south to Josh’s new rental house. He and Joe had just arrived from Soda Springs, Idaho an hour earlier with a U-Haul full of Josh’s belongings (half of them being speakers of various sizes and shapes...). We are all excited about Josh’s move to the Seattle area for his new job, and Lani and I were eager to see him!


This is the house Josh and a co-worker and former engineering classmate have rented in Kirkland. It’s 3000 square feet! It was fun listening to Josh and Keegan decide what they’d do with each of the rooms. Besides the living room and dining area, there will be a theater room. A pool room. Two extra bedrooms…


Josh and Keegan organizing their kitchen


I love this picture of Lani and Gideon. Look how totally relaxed he is!

Joe took a break from moving to enjoy a few minutes with Gideon. Because he had come down with a bad, lingering cold shortly after the baby was born, he’d not had a chance to hold Gideon since he was two days old. So, this was extra special for Joe!


Proud Grandpa!

IMG_0150 IMG_0151

Because Joe had been on the road for a few days with Josh, he hadn’t yet heard that Isla was walking. Here he is, getting a demonstration!


Isla walks with her arms held high in the air. (Holding onto imaginary hands, most likely!)


At the end of her work day, Kelsie came to Josh’s to pick up Isla, so she got a tour of the new house, too. Josh will practically be her neighbor!

Soon after Kelsie arrived, Joe and I headed back to Bellingham, arriving just in time for Ben’s football game. We didn’t take pictures that night, so I don’t have photos to document his great reception or his awesome job on defense. But here’s a picture of him from a previous game. Unfortunately, it’s not an action shot.


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