September 28, 2010


Joe and I were raised to be thrifty.

We’ve lived in the same house now for nearly 24 years. Most of the furnishings and decor are years out of fashion and way past their “expiration dates”. But as long as we can get by with what we have, we feel no sense of urgency to update. Our appliances? As a general rule, we only replace them when we absolutely have to. For example, the right front burner on the stove has worked only on the high setting for the last several years. But there are 3 other burners that work right, so why not wait to get a new stove until we remodel our kitchen some day? The blender works most of the time, but when it doesn’t, I can deal with the inconvenience.The washer leaks a bit on the spin cycle…if it spins at all. But a hand can get it spinning when it refuses to do it on its own. And rags do a pretty good job of soaking up the water.

But some things just can’t be tolerated. When the coffee grinder broke last week, it was replaced before nightfall. And when our desktop computer lost the ability to connect to the internet on Saturday, we had it replaced with a new laptop within 24 hours.

Priorities, I guess.


  1. Cute post! So what I hear you saying is that Dad always gets what he wants? :)

  2. Oh, ouch! Did I say that? Well...I'm not sure I would have replaced the coffee grinder that fast, but we were definitely both on the same page about the computer!