September 16, 2010

Destination: Soda Springs, Idaho! (Or What I Did on My Summer Vacation)

Who goes to Soda Springs, Idaho for vacation?

We'd never even heard of the town until Josh accepted an internship at a phosphorus producing plant there last spring. When we shared the location of his new home, the universal reaction from those who know their geography was an awkward pause followed by, "That's out in the middle of nowhere..."

Well, they were right. Soda Springs is 4-5 hours away from the nearest major airports (Boise and Salt Lake City). It took us 14 hours to drive there. But the drive was worth it. In my book, any place where I can spend a week with my husband, all of my kids and their spouses, and my granddaughter is a great vacation spot!

Our family in Josh's back yard. Pretty, isn't it!

Soda Springs has it very own geyser!
Josh's neighbors are horses
Making friends
Josh spending some time with Isla

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