September 19, 2010

Perfect timing!

My niece, Erin, had always dreamed of having her 3 cousins, Lani, Kelsie, and Shannon in her wedding. So when Erin asked Lani to be a bridesmaid last February, Lani didn't know what to say. Lani had just discovered that she was pregnant, but hadn't announced it yet. Her due date: September 22nd. Erin's wedding date: September 18th. So Lani said yes. And then prayed that the timing would work out. As the dates for both approached, it was a race to see which would happen first, the birth or the wedding. Hopefully, both would not happen at the same time! One by one, last-minute pre-wedding events got checked off the list: a shower hosted by Lani and Kelsie, a shower they needed to attend, the bachelorette party, decorating for the reception, the rehearsal, and the rehearsal dinner. It was looking like things would work out. And they did. But barely! Lani made it through the wedding and the reception. And then fifteen minutes after the bride and groom left, her water broke. Five hours after that, the baby was born! God's timing is perfect!!

Lani and her husband Michael after the ceremony


Kelsie with her husband, Graham and daughter, Isla

At the reception

Dancing with her niece, Isla

Auntie Lani and Isla

Conferring: Is it time to go to the hospital?

The new mom

Holding Gideon a couple hours after his birth

The new family

The morning after the birth


  1. what perfect timing and she didn't have to be induced! Thanks for sharing the story. Loved the pictures.


  2. Congratulations to you all! Gideon is a handsome little man! And Lani looks great. Four hour! Thanks for posting the photos. And congrats on getting a blog going! My blog is