March 27, 2011

We’ll laugh about this some day…


Joe, Ben, and I traveled to Comcast Arena in Everett this afternoon to see Cirque du Soleil.


Look at the date on our tickets:


Need I say more?


  1. Are you serious? Ahhhhhhhhhhh!! I'm so sorry! That makes me want to puke!

  2. Yes. I was seriously disappointed. Not to mention sick about the money wasted!

  3. NOOOOOO!!! I actually thought of you briefly when I heard on that radio last week that the show had traveled through Everett over the weekend. I figured you'd already been but wondered why you didn't tell me anything about it.... Sad!

  4. Oh and that reminds me. I was just thinking this week about the time we forgot tickets--was it to a Mariner's game? Or was it plane tickets? I don't recall completely but we spent the whole drive south on the phone trying to see if we had to turn around to get them

  5. I don't remember what we'd forgotten tickets to, but I'm guessing it was probably a Mariner's game. Must have worked out okay, though.