March 14, 2011

Haiti 2011: The Kids!

Although most of our time was spent in meetings, we did get to spend some time with the kids, as well.

During meetings, the kids know they have to stay out of the pavilion. So these two little girls fell asleep outside during one of our meetings because they couldn’t get to their mattresses in their tent.

75a These little girls fell asleep outside

Once the meetings were over each day, the little kids would flock to our laps. Joe and I sponsor two of the orphans, a boy named Yves, and a girl named Junette. Both are very aware now that we are their sponsors. Junette is fairly shy. But Yves is not, and he has become quite possessive of us. He has come up with some devious ways of getting the other kids off my lap so he can take their places, should they get there first. So it was a challenge to keep him from dominating my time. Thankfully, there were other board members present to cuddle the other young kids!


24 Junette copy88 Junette copy


99 Yves copy25 Yves copy

I tried to make an effort, also, to interact with the older orphans. They want our attention just as much as the younger ones do. It’s harder to find ways to relate to them, but I find it fun, because it forces me to use my kreyĆ²l. Most of these kids were eager to share with me what they’d been learning in school. Jacob even showed me his report card. He had a good reason to be proud of his grades!

80 Jacob was very proud of his grades, and for good reason c

Joe and I also sponsor a boy who lives in Bertrand but who attends the school at Terre Noire. His name is Yvetho. We didn’t get to see him much this time, but I did get to have a couple minutes of conversation with him after school one day:

25a Yvetho copy 

Here are some photos of a few of the other kids at the orphanage:

This is Cemille.                            And this is Querene.

96 Cemille copy 87 Querene

This is Marielle                                    

IMG_2730 copy

And this is Ronaldo, being held by Jeff.

71 Jeff and Ronaldo

Here we have Olsen and Rose Dalin with Dave V.

69 Dave V with a couple of the kids

Here are some school kids whose names I don’t know:

17 school child18 school child copy

This boy begged me to sponsor him. Maybe some day?

19 after school

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