November 18, 2010

How to Diaper a Ducky


Step 1: Put a diaper on your lap. Place the ducky face down on the diaper, and then try to fold the diaper around it.


Step 2: Realize you forgot the change pad.

Step 3: Go get the change pad. Try to lay it out flat on the carpet. Pick it up and try again. Do it again. And again. Finally succeed (with a bit of help from Grandma).


Step 4: Put the ducky face down on the change pad and place the diaper on top.


Step 5: Remove the ducky from the change pad, and sit on it yourself. Then place the folded diaper on the change pad in front of you.


Step 6: While remaining seated on the change pad, put the ducky on the diaper, keeping a second diaper close at hand.


Step 7: Give up and go do something else.