November 18, 2010

Congratulations, Ben!



Joe remembers warning Ben before football season began, “You’ve never played football before, and many of the other guys have played for several years. Expect to spend most of your time watching from the sidelines.”

Joe has definitely had to eat his words. Because Ben quickly became Sehome’s number one receiver. In fact, he was barely beginning the season when his coach asked if he’d ever considered playing football after high school. Ben’s response, “Well, no. I’ve only played three games in my entire life!” (Evidently a scout from the UW had asked about him.)

But it wasn’t until the post season football banquet this past week that we heard this additional story while the coach was listing the accomplishments of each Varsity player. When it was Ben’s turn he revealed that a former NFL player had been at Ben’s first game. “Who’s number 22?” he asked the coach. “That’s Ben Wilson,” the coach responded. “It’s rare to see a player with size, speed, and good hands!” exclaimed the NFL guy. “How many years has he been playing?” “This is his football game ever!” said the coach.

Not only did Ben have the athletic ability to excel. He also had the brains. Ben could be trusted to carry out new plays during a game because after having been told a new plan only once, he always “got it.”

It was a short high school football career for Ben, but a memorable one: He had 30 receptions for 448 yards, most of them for first downs! He scored three touchdowns, including an unbelievable reception with only 3 seconds left in the game, to give Sehome their only league win!

Congratulations, Ben, on earning Sehome’s 2010 Offensive MVP award!!